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Season 2

S2-E1 Nothing by coincidence: Serendipitous meetings

Season 02 Episode 01 describes how the podcasters, Alan, Sara, and Trajce met. The crew discuss the vulnerabilities of the human experience through storytelling. Trajce reflects on his career love of music production, Sara talks about her yoga practice, and


S2-E2 It’s Hollywood, and It’s a Gas

WARNING – A FATALITY IS DISCUSSED Season 02 Episode 02: The wheels are slow to turn in the Hollywood industry to minimise risk on the set of television or movies. Harrison Ford is injured on a Star Wars set in


S2-E5 It’s cougar time

WARNING:  This episode discusses work venues that commercialise sex as their trade. Season 02 Episode 05: Alan annunciates ‘c-o-u-g-a-r’ in honeyed tones…“Silicon chip inside her head” (not inside her hip!) – the lyrics – Trajce finally realises the lyrics in


S2-E6 Mi casa es su casa

WARNING: This episode discusses work venues that commercialise sex as their trade. There are sexual overtones in the discussions.  Season 02 Episode 06: How are you going to risk assess the work of sex workers? “Sometimes the legal structure is


S2-E7 4 Men and Women 2: NightStalker Fright Night

WARNING: This episode contains confronting material. Season 02 Episode 07 explores work travel antics and the mishaps that can occur when an employer expects workers to share a room. Sleep disorders are mentioned, though alcohol is a prevailing theme in


S2-E8 Reality TV and me

Season 02 Episode 08: Trajce ruminates over his fascination (read: obsession) with reality TV. He’s even written a book on it! The crew, Alan, Trajce, and Sara discuss reality TV and the phenomena of naming and shaming. “I can see


S2-E9 Quid pro quo: Go hard, go prosecutorial

Season 02 Episode 09: “No more shoddy light fittings in hotel rooms!” exclaims Alan, “(I guess that) for any accommodation provider, there may be some bedroom activities (and) the bed must be strong.” “Honeymoon suite,” says Trajce. Sara laments the


S2-E10 Name and shame: Where is the filter?

Season 2 Episode 10: The Matryoshka dolls keep opening. The podcast explores the ugly realities of the yoga guru fat shamer, the exposures when people subject themselves to reality TV, and more blurred lines when it comes to acceptable social


S2-E11 Hip Hop Tragedy & The Ninja Warrior

Season 2 Episode 11: WARNING: A fatality is discussed in this episode. “Back to your techno days, Trajce,” says Alan. “I have a friend who organises amazing movie stunts,” says Sara. “Are you up for a ‘burn’?” asks Trajce. “With


S2-E12 Space-o-rama

Season 02 Episode 12: Worker health and wellbeing on the moon and in outer space: Can you dream it? “You can’t escape the iron cage of health and wellbeing,” says Trajce. “Not a cage, an opportunity,” Sara implores, as she


S2-E14 Spirit animals

Season 2 Episode 14: The river otter, the wise owl, and the transformation of a deer to a stag and back again. When ‘fuzzy science’ can be meaningful in terms of personality profiles, values, and our behaviours. Why not have