WhyWork® Podcast | Professional adult content | Sponsored by ViVA health at work


Never before have human factors and case law been so delicious: Join us for a WhyWork® Workshop where you get to be the star of your own mock podcast! This is serious fun to resolve serious problems and address real-world vulnerabilities. In the WhyWork Workshop, we deconstruct case law through storytelling (factual cases to reflect on and consider the implications of the findings in your business). The WhyWork Workshop complements and extends training on the duties of Directors and Officers, examines risk exposures at work, and elaborates on how to re-design robust work systems to protect against the material unwanted events. As a participant, you will:

  • Examine how social constructs and norms collide when the boundaries of work health and safety law are tested
  • Explore the contemporary and uncomfortable realities of work
  • Dismantle case law
  • Plan how to redesign the world of work for health, safety, performance, productivity, and sustainability.

The workshop is highly interactive, and roles change quickly during ‘tag team simulation’ while you get to play the role of the state prosecutor, the defending lawyer, a work design strategist, and the adjudicator. We will provide controversial or provocative but factual case law and facilitate the dissection of workplace events.

Be prepared to be shocked and to laugh, because we expect some of the stories and contributions from participants to be laced with humour.

Innovative organisational strategy is informed by learnings using a human-factors  approach, service design, user experience focus, and resilience engineering strategies. We help you widen the net and refine the methods of ideation – a network of design partners can ignite design-led thinking in your business. We may address problems that you know about or uncover possible realities that could surprise you because of their likely impact on your business!


  • Determine effective work design strategies to make the improve critical control management programs.
  • Adopt a contemporary, resilient, and sustainable approach to the organisation and management of high-performance work.
  • Use persuasive storytelling in your workplace, including caselaw, as a driver of positive change.
  • Learn how to make an impact on business decision-makers 
  • Become an intentional designer of good work across the lifecycle of an employee experience.

Recommended for executive leadership teams, health & safety professionals, employee experience teams, workforce strategists, safety law lawyers, occupational advisors, service designers, domain experts, front-line workers, and/or supply chain partners (a mix of decision-makers and those that know the realities of their work is advised). Contact us NOW to schedule your in-house or public-sponsored workshop. Are you a local government entity or Council wanting to sponsor a workshop for your community? If so, email us, let’s start the fun!