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WhyWork discusses pop culture that dabbles in serious issues in an ad-free podcast. We debate the uncomfortable realities of work, its design, and the impact on our social realities. This podcast is provided voluntarily with reflections on specialty practice areas by the podcast crew who also fulfill the principal production roles: Executive Producer, Trajce Cvetkovski; Copywriter and Editor, Sara Pazell; and Principal Legal Case Researcher, Alan Girle. We contributed charitably to the global intellectual capital on topics about design strategy, work, health, safety, and case law. We also contribute to charitable organisations in our show of gratitude to do what we love, in enjoyable ways, and for all that we have. We generate revenue through public appearances, workshops, and live recordings – book us for your next event, and know that we will continue to pay it forward. We encourage others to join in the support of social welfare charities. Some that we’ve chosen include support for beloved domestic pets, psychosocial health, and housing shelters. Join us, make your contribution today.