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Ergonomic Insights

Successes and Failures of Work Design
This book provides a great collection of work design testimonies with transferable lessons across many industry sectors and domains. It discusses physiological and cognitive parameters, teamwork, social aspects, organizational, and broader factors that influence work design initiatives.

It is important to learn from practitioner stories and real-world conditions that affect the theoretical applications of work design. Readers will benefit from understanding the struggles and successes of the authors. The chapters cover a wide spectrum of human factors and user needs, including decision making in (ab)normal and safety-critical situations, physical ergonomics, design-in-use modifications, and tailored training. The text examines holistic approaches that lead to improved work methods, worker engagement, and effective system-wide interventions.

Ergonomic Insights: Successes and Failures of Work Design is primarily written for professionals and graduate students in the fields of ergonomics, human factors, and occupational health and safety. Educators will also benefit from using these case studies in class lessons.

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Healthcare Insights

The Voice of the Consumer, the Provider, and the Work Design Strategist

Uniquely, this book gives consumers a voice and regales tales of their experiences. These stories are complemented by the tales told by healthcare practitioners about their real-world constraints and evolving insights that have shifted their work focus. In the third section, work design strategists help the reader reimagine a better way to design the delivery of healthcare services and environments using human factors approaches. This interesting title:

  • Covers real-world cases of people subject to an imperfect healthcare system
  • Helps people understand the practical challenges affecting healthcare service delivery
  • Champions new strategies to help people construct health, and to consider systems that will support these approaches
  • Represents a broad array of healthcare settings

Healthcare Insights is well-suited to senior undergraduate, graduate students, practitioners, educators, and researchers in diverse fields, including healthcare administration and management, healthcare governance, human factors and ergonomics, service design, systems engineering, medicine, occupational health and return to work, allied health, work health and safety, workforce strategy, and architecture and design.

The Pop Music Idol and the Spirit of Charisma

Reality Television Talent Shows in the Digital Economy of Hope

This book makes a case for the synergetic union between reality TV and the music industry. It delves into technological change in popular music, and the role of music reality TV and social media in the pop production process. It challenges the current scholarship which does not adequately distinguish the economic significance of these developments


Good Work occurs by design – a systematic approach to enquire, engage, and connect with people to understand what they do, how they do it, what resources are needed, in which environments, with whom, and how it could be done better. Good Work Design involves empathising with workers to co-create a better world.

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