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S2-E7 4 Men and Women 2: NightStalker Fright Night

WARNING: This episode contains confronting material.

Season 02 Episode 07 explores work travel antics and the mishaps that can occur when an employer expects workers to share a room. Sleep disorders are mentioned, though alcohol is a prevailing theme in this story of mishap. Sara reminds Trajce and Alan about an old state government jingle, “4 Men and Women 2,” and the culture of alcohol intake in Australia. “Work travel seems to erode behavioural boundaries,” marvels Sara.  Alan tells a  confronting story about drunken ‘non sleep’ behaviours and the trauma of the victim of these events. “That’s a scene from Shogun,” says Sara. Alan admits, “I think I’d be pretty depressed if that happened to me.” While what occurs is shocking, the issue of equality and compensation arises in the discussions because what a male may be paid for their trauma versus a female can differ significantly (Listen to Season 2 and Episode 6).