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S2-E12 Space-o-rama

Season 02 Episode 12: Worker health and wellbeing on the moon and in outer space: Can you dream it? “You can’t escape the iron cage of health and wellbeing,” says Trajce. “Not a cage, an opportunity,” Sara implores, as she imagines working on the technical requirements for the astronauts during their extra vehicular activity (‘EVA’) suits. The podcasters envision Jamie from ‘The Outlander’ in his kilt and how it might fly in outer space, while Barbarella makes her impressionable mark on the imagination of the team. Alan, Sara, and Trajce consider caring for our astronauts and imagine those who pay the big bucks to make a trip that is outta this world.

This episode mentions human factors in mining work that is sponsored by the Earth Moving Equipment Roundtable (EMESRT), funded by ACARP, and has involved many project partners, Real Serious Games, Fingermark, UQ Minerals Industry Safety Health Centre, RiskMentor, and ViVA health at work .

For more on extended reality, listen to Season 01 Episode 09.