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The WhyWork® Podcast invites you down a sinuous path to explore the uncomfortable realities of work and the stuff that can go really wrong. There is a beacon of hope, however, because through the laughter and the tears, we reconstruct and redesign great work to suit the contemporary realities of this changing world.


Why… WhyWork?

The WhyWork® Podcast is a story-telling, organisational strategy session and legal dissection of workplace events that are laced with humour. We explore contemporary and uncomfortable realities of work. Alan and Trajce dismantle case law and Sara prompts listeners to consider how to redesign the world of work to realise business objectives so that people thrive.
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S05-E10: Stubble Stash and Mug Mats

To fit or not to fit? This episode discusses a WhyWork Podcast subscriber’s concern on managing the scenario when a bearded worker must wear a mask for their health protections at work. “Get better equipment,” is not the easiest mandate in this complex situation, says Count van Count, aka Trajce.

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S05-E09: A Prism Party and Colour Cascade

WARNING: This episode presents topics on workplace fatalities and suicide – Listener discretion is advised. Sara announces the publication of a new book of which she is a co-editor, “Healthcare Insights: The voice of the consumer, the practitioner, and the work design strategist.” “The intent,” she explains, “is to empathise

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S05-E08: Smooth Criminal: The sociology of industrial crime

WARNING: This episode discusses fatalities in the workplace. Listener discretion is advised. In this episode, Alan broaches the topic of industrial manslaughter by describing a case involving a forklift operation fatal incident in a stonemasonry company in New South Wales. This prompts Trajce to reflect on a case where a

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S05-E07: We’ve gone Barney

Trajce raises the Barnaby Bother. It was a Boisterous Barnaby Bumble… Alan explains the alcohol-infused ‘Barnaby bumble’: It made national news, all around  Australia, and it was highly embarrassing to anyone involved. Trajce reminds the crew that Zahi Steggall, Member of Parliament New South Wales, SW MP, has implored, “We must

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S05-E06: Doctor, doctor, give me a call

Anna Linning asks, “How are different organisations managing the phenomena of digital and instant communication modes in their business – Teams, social media, intranets, and the like?” “Doctor, doctor, give me a call,” Alan chimes, reflecting on Anna’s work in an Australian occupational medical practice.  The team debate the Fair

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S05-E05: Shimmyin’ on the dance floor

WARNING: Suicide and sex are mentioned in this episode. The WhyWork crew debate the contest of being forthright in social relations. Trajce reveals a case of a young, drunken lawyer determined to approach a colleague on the dancefloor at a work party. The courts deemed his behaviour to be highly

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What happens when a past state prosecutor and barrister, an award-winning defense lawyer, and a work design strategist sit down to chat? Bubbles of trouble. Join us for laughter, snorts, giggles, and some tales of the unusual and some confronting stuff too. The human experience at work, and all our vulnerabilities, are on show. There are plenty of fireside chats and relatable stories. Sit down, log on, subscribe, and stay awhile.

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