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The WhyWork® Podcast invites you down a sinuous path to explore the uncomfortable realities of work and the stuff that can go really wrong. There is a beacon of hope, however, because through the laughter and the tears, we reconstruct and redesign great work to suit the contemporary realities of this changing world.


Why… WhyWork?

The WhyWork® Podcast is a story-telling, organisational strategy session and legal dissection of workplace events that are laced with humour. We explore contemporary and uncomfortable realities of work. Alan and Trajce dismantle case law and Sara prompts listeners to consider how to redesign the world of work to realise business objectives so that people thrive.
Have a story to share? Has something remarkable happened in your workplace?
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S05-E1: Citizen Control

Season 05 Episode 01: Citizen Control. “Consultation – meh! Peh!” complains Sara, with disdain. “There is a lot of corporate hazing and gaslighting,” reflects Trajce. This episode was spurned by the presentation by Dr Elise Crawford of Central Queensland University on her reesarch of worker particpation in their work design

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S04-E13: The Count von Count and his cape

The team discuss the casualised work phenomenon introduced in a rampant way during the pandemic, causing the management of distributed work and the advent of remote video call meetings. Trajce discloses one of his secret nicknames, The Count von Count from Sesame Street, which is met by Alan and Sara’s

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S04-E12: Never smile at a crocodile

WARNING: This episode discusses workplace injury “Never smile at a crocodile,” chimes Alan. This episode speaks on working with critters; the first, a case of two soldiers attacked by a crocodile in Far North Queensland. Comcare charged the Australian Department of Defense for breaching federal work and safety laws for failing

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S04-E11: The things we do for fun

WARNING: This episode discusses fatalities Alan reflects on the prosecutions and pending coronial inquest on the fatalities of the six Tasmanian children with three more children injured while playing in jumping castles during their school fair. “The judgement on the facts is pending,” Alan explained, “and there are no industrial

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S04-E10: Prosecuting ‘nicely’

WARNING: Suicide is discussed in this episode. Alan introduces a model of prosecution adopted by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator that provides guidance to industry and focuses on the most important prosecutorial issues. Alan and Trajce dream of dismantling ideological boundaries so that business and industry can return to the

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What happens when a past state prosecutor and barrister, an award-winning defense lawyer, and a work design strategist sit down to chat? Bubbles of trouble. Join us for laughter, snorts, giggles, and some tales of the unusual and some confronting stuff too. The human experience at work, and all our vulnerabilities, are on show. There are plenty of fireside chats and relatable stories. Sit down, log on, subscribe, and stay awhile.

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