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“WhyWork is a saucy, smart, and entertaining new podcast that’ll make you rethink the world of work. You’ll laugh out loud while learning about some unusual cases from the workplace. The three co-hosts keep the conversation flowing with witty banter while they share their professional wisdom. Looking forward to upcoming episodes – 5 Stars!”

John Lee (Assistive Technology Specialist, San Luis Obispo, CA)

I stumbled across this gem of a podcast last week…..the WhyWork Podcast. It has it all…human-centred design for real world phenomena, coupled with case law….definitely a must listen for those of us who make decisions about the regulation, governance, management, and design of work and workplaces. Great job!

Kym Bancroft (Workplace Health and Safety QLD, Worker’s Compensation and Electrical Safety Regulator, Brisbane QLD)

“The WhyWork Podcast episodes sound like modern day novels with the follow up movie enhancements: intrigue, possible sex, and a twist at the end. This is the ‘Fifty Shades of the Workplace’ Podcast!”

Tracy Hulme (Exercise Scientist, Sunshine Coast, QLD)

“They are all things that made me scream ‘whhhhaaattt?’, or ‘seriously?’, hahahah, Great work.”

Georgina Poole (Senior Associate - HSE Lidiar Group, Brisbane, QLD)

“ ‘WhyWork’ is like listening to a fun, interesting, but also educational conversation with a few learned friends. If you are interested in the workplace, it is well worth the listen. It made me think about the corporate team-building dragon boat sessions that I lead – loving it!”

Alan Boyd (Strategic Account Manager APAC, ErgoTron, Sydney, NSW)

“The WhyWork Podcast had me in giggles and ‘shaking my head’ in moments. The three musketeer hosts kept me smiling with a hint of lessons learnt.”

Alanna Ball (Women in Safety Founder | Principal Consultant, Brisbane, QLD)

“I listened to all the podcast episodes and, truly, I can’t wait to hear more.

The stories are an excellent way to get messages across to your listeners. The way that you are all doing it, with some human and fun, makes it relatable without diluting the importance or seriousness of the cases. I really like the personalities (male and female). You are building in answers to the conversations, such as setting boundaries and time limits for events (S1E1).

I’ve always believed that we needed to see legal issues discussed more publicly because the average person so often doesn’t know what they may be up against in the law, let alone the ramifications. Your podcast is tailoring this message.

In my work I’ve learned that everyone wants to be looked after and it makes me appreciate why we have laws in the first place, i.e., what we’re trying to do with them – a way of building a community, that we must have acceptable behaviour, and the law can protect us, and so on? Too often the average person feels threatened by it.

The episode lengths are great. You’re all extremely fluent. I’m really enjoying it!”

Chris Smith (Safety Culture Leader, A Cultural Leadership)

“I’ve listened to a few episodes already, and I love it. It is rare to find three people who can discuss often sensitive topics in such a mature, yet cheeky way. Well done!”

“I think it’s the lawyer in your trio. My observations suggest that Lawyers spend much of their studies learning how to skirt the edge of inappropriate comments and a way of inserting dry humor into otherwise clinical discussion.”

“Also, I wonder if Sara is the tall poppy or simply the rose between two thorns.”

Nick Driver (Wellbeing and Safety Advisor, Gympie, QLD)

I loved the repartee and the great rapport among the three of you – great chemistry! I laughed about the sex and light fittings… You had me with the story about stilettos also. The podcast highlights the difficulties faced by employers now that working from home is so common and difficult to regulate. The lines are blurred, just like in the case that you describe about the woman who was injured by a dog while protecting her daughter’s puppy. Employers must anticipate the possible risks and determine how to manage them. At least your podcast will bring to light examples with case law and examine the complexities to guide employers. Well done to the three of you – love the music also!”

Carmen Mitchell (Occupational Therapist and Portrait Artist, Brisbane QLD)

“I listened to the first episode and I LOVE the conversational style of the podcast and how subtly, yet effectively, concepts on work design are woven into the discussions – great going!”

Bharati Jajoo (Chief at Body Dyamics, Ergonomics Consulting, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)