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S2-E3 What is life really like in sport and s-e… Okay, just sport


Season 02 Episode 03: Bouldering is now an Olympic Sport. It’s time to crush the yellow, blue, green, white, and black in bouldering (like black belts!). What about when the sporting field or the tennis court  is your workplace? “Aggression and the will to fight is part of the game,” says Sara. “We love our sport,” says Alan. In football, a shoulder charge (tackle) has caused a fatality. The athlete’s (aka worker’s) condition was determined to be ‘incompatible with life’. Tragic. The inquest is presented by Trajce. “What are the unlikely, material unwanted events?” (when examining work events), asks Sara. Trajce describes his brush with tennis stardom and his two minutes of fame when he was berated by John McEnroe.