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S2-E6 Mi casa es su casa

WARNING: This episode discusses work venues that commercialise sex as their trade. There are sexual overtones in the discussions. 

Season 02 Episode 06: How are you going to risk assess the work of sex workers? “Sometimes the legal structure is too good for it’s own good,” says Alan. When you operate with blurred lines in the structure of employment, you can be subject to full employment laws as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking and a worker can be eligible for compensation. 

“Its problematic when alcohol intake or other such behaviours are the norm and part of the workplace culture,” laments Trajce. Sara ponders on how the same legal frameworks and work design considerations apply, and who enacts or regulates this when industries (like sex work, movie production, or sport) have not compelled such practices.

For more on case law and the lives of sex workers, tune in to Season 2 Episode 5: It’s Cougar Time 

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