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S2-E11 Hip Hop Tragedy & The Ninja Warrior

Season 2 Episode 11: WARNING: A fatality is discussed in this episode.

“Back to your techno days, Trajce,” says Alan. “I have a friend who organises amazing movie stunts,” says Sara. “Are you up for a ‘burn’?” asks Trajce. “With gel lathered all over the body and you light yourself on fire?” queries Sara, “I’ll try anything once!” she proclaims.

Music videos and movie sets: the team debate a case resulting in a fatality during a hip hop music clip film. What is the appetite for human factors, safety management, and work systems design in movie making and on reality TV shows? The mugs from backwater Brissie explore the web of responsibility when a sawn-off shotgun is chosen for use among a suite of armament on the set of a music clip and its use leads to a fatality. Is the onus on a person when something goes wrong (as Trajce agitates), or is it a system of work that requires analysis (like Sara postulates and Alan suggests that he might use in defense)?

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