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Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 of WhyWork® launches the Podcast series exploring the mishaps we stumble over and the spots of trouble we fall into in a contemporary and changing world of work. These are short episodes, by design, to entertain while exploring serious issues and prompt consideration of smart strategy to redesign defensible work.
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S1-E1 Bubbles of Trouble

When a workplace Christmas party gets a little slippery Season 01 Episode 01 invites listeners to consider what happens when a celebration like a Christmas party or social gathering goes seriously wrong. There can be blurred lines, drinking, nudity, giggles,


S1-E2 Avatars, Bees and Sex

Wildlife at the workplace and wild experiences like when mishaps occur with sex during work travel Season 01 Episode 02 stirs up the hornet’s nest and discusses the busy, busy, bee-siness of work travel, sex, bee stings (unrelated), and the


S1-E3 Pets ‘n’ Airfryers

There are fleas all over it Season 01 Episode 03 examines the work-from-home phenomenon and the ambiguity around what is permissible for home luxuries and work requirements. “There are fleas all over it”, says Alan, when considering what to do


S1-E5 Kozarov and the Need for Purpose

When work exposes you to the dark side of life Season 01 Episode 05 challenges listeners to think about highly confronting scenarios. We caution that the episode discusses suicide and exposure to horrific scenarios, like child pornography and abuse. This


S1-E6 Thrive and Survive

We explore how to connect, consult, and engage with workers Season 01 Episode 06 discusses candor at work and how to be real. We encourage employers to discuss the messy realities of work. Candor is a two-way street and effective


S1-E7 Design when we Work-from-Anywhere

Mental health and working anywhere and everywhere Seaso 01 Episode 07 discusses health in the built environment, from the office space to the home space. The air that I breath and the water that I drink: how is this ensured


S1-E8 Tired Workers are Deadly Weapons

Workplace fatigue Season 01 Episode 08 tells a tale of a tragic road rage story, the complexity of fatigue, shift work, and high performance versus coping. The over-productive worker and those who approach burn-out are examined. Fatigue can seem invisible,


S1-E9 The robots are taking over

Technology at work A choodle or a poowawa? Hybrid dogs or hybrid work, it’s all up for laughs in Season 01 Episode 09! When we design good work it requires science, expertise, consultation, and engagement with subject matter experts, coupled


S1-E10 We pursue the end game

Workplace design for performance In Season 01 Episode 10, we pursue the end game of good work design. We suggest that workplaces build purchase, agency, and capability in work design throughout their organisation, propped by conventional designers and,  yes, the


S1-E11 I may not like you – but that’s OK

Interpersonal conflict at work In Season 01 Episode 11, Trajce and Alan probe perceptions among workers and the impacts on workers in toxic workplaces. Camera footage tells one story but cannot reveal worker vulnerabilities and perceptions that arise when toxicity


S1-E12 Why can’t we be friends?

Psychosocial wellbeing and design for diversity Season 01 Episode 12 challenges cultural approaches to conflict. The emotional experience is a reality, and we are emotional beings. In workplace law, Alan reminds us that workers might not realise that they are