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S2-E9 Quid pro quo: Go hard, go prosecutorial

Season 02 Episode 09: “No more shoddy light fittings in hotel rooms!” exclaims Alan, “(I guess that) for any accommodation provider, there may be some bedroom activities (and) the bed must be strong.” “Honeymoon suite,” says Trajce.

Sara laments the boundaries that erode during work travel and shares some stories about fruit and chocolate left at her door while travelling overseas. She reflects on the concerns that were raised for her to “watch out for the ‘trouser snakes’” while out on a mining site. Sara elaborates on the quid-pro-quo presented to her about “how will you be nice to me?” in exchange for business referrals (right during the ‘Me Too!’ movement, no less).

“Outside of city-centric accepted work behaviours, where the rubber meets the road, can you prevent alarming behaviours?” asks Trajce. Quid-pro-quo: “Go hard, go prosecutorial,” says Trajce.

The Western Australian government proclaims, “Enough is enough!” in their report on sexual harassment in the FIFO mining industry.

For more on light fixtures and the ‘rigours’ of work travel, Listen to Season 01 Episode 02: Avatars, Bees, and Sex