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Why… WhyWork?

The WhyWork® Podcast is an organisational strategy session and legal dissection of workplace events that are laced with humour. Your bloggers, Alan, Trajce, and Sara, explore the contemporary and uncomfortable realities of work and the boundaries that are tested. Alan and Trajce dismantle case law and Sara pushes all to consider how to redesign the world of work so that people thrive. Good stories are told. The WhyWork® team throws shade on some of the stories and the people involved as they consider defensible and remarkable work design strategy. When you listen to the WhyWork® Podcast, you realise that no skeleton in the workplace closet is too sacred to unearth. It’s like listening to the water cooler gossip but then shit gets real, and it all becomes serious – fast. This is a must-listen for executive and emerging managers, work design strategists, human factors specialists and ergonomists, work health safety and law specialists, organisational scientists, occupational health academics, and anyone humoured by office and workplace antics! Get ready to exclaim, “She said WHAT…?” and “He DIDN’T! OMG!”. Laugh along with us while you learn lots.


Alan Girle is enrolled as solicitor and barrister on the High Court roll, the Supreme Court rolls in Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, and the High Court roll in New Zealand. He practises throughout Australia under a Queensland Practising Certificate. Alan has been in practice since 1991 and more recently has been recognised in the consecutive years of 2014-2023 in the Doyle’s Guide as a “Leading Workplace Health & Safety Lawyer – Queensland”. He has also been selected by his peers in consecutive years for inclusion in the 2014-2023 Editions of The Best Lawyers in Australia in the “Occupational Health & Safety Law” category, these achievements confirm that Alan is one of the country’s best lawyers who can assist clients in defending and negotiating government-initiated prosecutions.

Alan Girle, BA, LL.B. (Law), Grad Dip Public Admin, Grad Dip Legal Professions, Dip Quality Auditing,  IMS Lead Auditor


Sara Pazell is an agitator and an imaginator and asks, “But what if we did things a little differently….?”, and “What can we dream that can become a new reality?”

Sara is here to help when you ask: How to design when humans are part of the system (work, product, technology, or environment), and what is the user experience? Sara helps work teams and operational leaders discover their capacity for innovation and novel adaptation. She helps conventional designers achieve on-target person-centred creations. She’s keen on generating good stories to tell. Sara consults, teaches, and researches (human factors, ergonomics, human-centred design, good work design, and human-systems integration). She’s a mum; a slave to her fur-babies; a good friend to many; and a lover of fitness, travel, and nature. She has been told that she talks a lot so she’s decided to put that attribute to good use in the WhyWork podcast.

Dr. Sara Pazell, BAppSci(OT), MBA, PhD, CPE (Adv Dip Yoga Training, Dip Fitness)


Trajce Cvetkovski is an academic and lawyer. He specialises in OHS regulation and compliance, and is currently interested in socio-legal and cultural workplace developments. He is the author of The Pop Music idol and the Spirit of Charisma (Palgrave Macmillan) and Copyright and Popular Media: Liberal Villains and Technological Change (Palgrave Macmillan).

Dr Trajce Cvetkovsi, BA(hons), LL.B. (Law), PhD