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S2-E13 An upstanding citizen with salmon in his pocket

Season 02 Episode 13: This episode is dedicated to our teaching community. The podcast crew acknowledge that generalised stress can lead to dissociated behaviours and odd events can arise, like it did in the story of salmon stuffed in the professor’s pocket in a grocery store. Stress froths over in funny ways. Sara discusses the ‘God complex’ that might be needed to be successful in demanding roles, such as for surgeons, top lawyers, or professional athletes, “But when does it shut off?” asks Trajce. “It needs to shut off,” agrees Alan. There are immense pressures in accepting job roles when the personal life is watched as closely as the professional life.

For more on the challenges of being a ‘upstanding citizen’ because of one’s inherit job title, listen to Season 02 Episode 10: Name and shame: Where is the filter?