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S05-E3: Grab the Pilates socks – it’s our ‘right to disconnect’ time

“These lawyer boys are like Teflon,” Sara labels, “You see? There you go again– deflection! That is deflection number 02 this morning,” she accuses Alan. After discussing Alan’s adventures, soaring above the lush, grassy, green, open paddocks of Tasmania and Trajce’s newfound love of the Reformer and his Pilates socks, the team venture into workplace … Read more

S05-E1: Citizen Control

Season 05 Episode 01: Citizen Control. “Consultation – meh! Peh!” complains Sara, with disdain. “There is a lot of corporate hazing and gaslighting,” reflects Trajce. This episode was spurned by the presentation by Dr Elise Crawford of Central Queensland University on her reesarch of worker particpation in their work design during the Human Factors and … Read more