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S05-E06: Doctor, doctor, give me a call

Anna Linning asks, “How are different organisations managing the phenomena of digital and instant communication modes in their business – Teams, social media, intranets, and the like?” “Doctor, doctor, give me a call,” Alan chimes, reflecting on Anna’s work in an Australian occupational medical practice. 

The team debate the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2023 on the right to disconnect because of the issue raised by Anna: the communication impact on mental and emotional load. “I’m finding major problems with this amendment,” scoffs Sara, “Have we returned to that Caucasian, male, privileged work convention?” Alan replies, “… this is one-way legislation.” Trajce adds, “… you must go straight to the source. Don’t go to Dr. Google,” he advises, “The devil is in the details, it says ‘must’,” but it says “unless the reason is for an emergency, OR a genuine welfare matter, OR compensated. The ‘etcetera’ is important.”  “Disconnect is analogous to ‘Stop.’ It’s a stop sign,” Trajce announces, “It’s vexed, Anna. It begs answers on these questions:

  • What does contact mean? 
  • Is the allowance reasonable?
  • What constitutes an emergency?”

Trajce, Alan, and Sara concur on one aspect, “For a little amendment, we’re going to get a lot of traction out of this…,” they chime.

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