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S05-E04: Office spirits: culture & controversy

Sara laments the damage to her little toe that got no roast beef, “… and it was on my birthday!” she punctuates the story. No, she hadn’t been drinking…

The team debate the idea of drinking at work, particularly when it is distributed. Sara describes a case when a teacher concluded his remote video call with his employer by drinking from a cask of wine. When disputed, the parties agreed on the facts that this violated workplace agreements and code of conduct.

Alan slurps his lemon soda in the background as Sara and Trajce debate the ideas and optics on drinking at work when work occurs anywhere, and cultural appreciations sway the judgement on these matters. “Easy fix – turn the camera off,” says Alan, the defense lawyer.

Sara announces, “Strong is the new skinny,” when reflecting on The Tradies underwear add with the Honey Badger Cummins and Winter Olympian Danielle Scott and Women’s Sevens Rugby star Charlotte Caslick. Alan explains the ad: they are in their underwear, boogying on film, hair blown by a leaf blower. Trajce challenges the idea on a participatory approach to run focus groups in the workplace to determine team member comfort or reactions to new policies, procedures, and material that is ‘on the edge.’