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S05-E07: We’ve gone Barney

Trajce raises the Barnaby Bother. It was a Boisterous Barnaby Bumble… Alan explains the alcohol-infused ‘Barnaby bumble’: It made national news, all around  Australia, and it was highly embarrassing to anyone involved. Trajce reminds the crew that Zahi Steggall, Member of Parliament New South Wales, SW MP, has implored, “We must do something about alcohol use in parliament.”

We cannot trivialise this. Yet, alcohol consumption is culturally indoctrinated in Australian culture. Trajce announces his publication on trivialisation of risk in the workplace. Alcohol-related activity is one of the 6 typologies found in Reality TV, a reflection on daily life. “It’s trivialisation dissonance,” he says, “The media industry code of practice that advocated for protections from occupational psychosocial exposures during production has been removed at the same time that this material arose in general workplace guidance materials,” “Its not good for popular culture TV viewing without it,” says Alan.

For the subscribers, look out for Trajce’s ‘booky-book’, as Sara labels it, on the trivialisation of risk and hazard exposures in the workplace.

“It’s the little things that matter,” Trajce notes.

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