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S05-E05: Shimmyin’ on the dance floor

WARNING: Suicide and sex are mentioned in this episode.

The WhyWork crew debate the contest of being forthright in social relations. Trajce reveals a case of a young, drunken lawyer determined to approach a colleague on the dancefloor at a work party. The courts deemed his behaviour to be highly inappropriate and sexualised. This sounds like Season 01 and Episode 01, ‘Bubbles of Trouble.’  “It’s rather sudsy, ” Alan reflects. “It’s the ‘A’ word,” says Trajce, “the Aaa-lcohol that subjects a young person to a new state of vulnerability. This is a common theme.” “Ten Bundies and Coke might erode a few boundaries,” he rationalises, and he exclaims, “There are consequences of shimmying on the dance floor!” “Do we need a specific memo on this? Really? A team of lawyers reverted to shimmying as their defense strategy?” begs Sara.

“When you think of discomfort, you think of WhyWork!” badgers Trajce to the laughter of Alan and Sara. “Go the edge,” urges Sara. “Go the edge! I love taking Trajce to the point of when he blushes to our banter,” she teases. Alan urges management teams to learn from the real-world scenarios of work. “Sex and sexual urges are a ‘thing’ when working with people. Organisations must consider this in their risk assessments,” Sara advises. Trajce recalls a matter in school education involving a confronting mix of Midori and marijuana.

Sara sends a shout out to The University of Queensland’s Professor Hugh Possingham. She gives her thanks for his teachings on sustainability, transparent decision making, ecosystems, sociopolitical forces influencing ethics, and multiple points of view.