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S05-E1: Citizen Control

Season 05 Episode 01: Citizen Control.

“Consultation – meh! Peh!” complains Sara, with disdain. “There is a lot of corporate hazing and gaslighting,” reflects Trajce. This episode was spurned by the presentation by Dr Elise Crawford of Central Queensland University on her reesarch of worker particpation in their work design during the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia Queensland seminar last year. Sara elaborates on the tiered scales of organisational citizenship which can fall into the categories of ‘non participation,’ ‘tokenism,’ and ‘degrees of citizen power.’ Alarmingly, ‘consultation,’ falls into the category of ‘tokenism.’ Alan reminds us that this is a workplace obligation in the work health and safety legislation .”It’s a sham!” exclaims Trajce. He trails, “This sounds like another ‘C-word’ in our lexicon of work vocabulary...”