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S05-E10: Stubble Stash and Mug Mats

To fit or not to fit? This episode discusses a WhyWork Podcast subscriber’s concern on managing the scenario when a bearded worker must wear a mask for their health protections at work. “Get better equipment,” is not the easiest mandate in this complex situation, says Count van Count, aka Trajce. He is expressive while displaying his well-groomed goatee. Alan agrees, recounting reasons why some people find this an emotive issue: cultural, religious, or industrial events.

Sara confirms that Alan and Trajce often speak on the complexity of real-world events that can trigger reviews on employment; industrial; civil, and work health, and safety laws. She recalls the story, ‘The Best of Enemies,’ made into a movie now, about the relationship between the American Civil Rights Activist, Ann Atwater, and the Klu Klux Klan member, C.P. Ellis. In this movie, a lawyer navigated complex community race relations using a mediation process called a ‘charrette.’ The lawyer skilfully implemented this process, the characters achieved consensus and, surprisingly, formed a lifelong friendship thereafter.

The crew, Alan, Trajce, and Sara, continue to debate the need to articulate purpose and context before determining solutions in work design. Trajce likens this to incident investigation and event analysis methods versus chasing any on-trend tool that might not suit organisational purpose.