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S1-E12 Why can’t we be friends?

Psychosocial wellbeing and design for diversity

Season 01 Episode 12 challenges cultural approaches to conflict. The emotional experience is a reality, and we are emotional beings. In workplace law, Alan reminds us that workers might not realise that they are triggering emotional responses among workmates. Sensory processing is yet another facet of understanding the reality of our emotional experiences and if these routines are affected by the upheaval of a changing world of work, like a pandemic, stressors can be exaggerated! We must design for sensational workplace experiences.

For more discussion about occupational psychosocial injury, tune in to Episode 8 and Episode 11.

For an example about the applications of sensory processing assessment to inform work design, see this ViVA Case Study .

To consider the debate about ‘what is a designer’ in practice and in the legislation,  this question is asked here: What kind of designer are you?