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S1-E10 We pursue the end game

Workplace design for performance

In Season 01 Episode 10, we pursue the end game of good work design. We suggest that workplaces build purchase, agency, and capability in work design throughout their organisation, propped by conventional designers and,  yes, the lawyers also to help predict and defend against safety-critical events. Sara prompts listeners to think about work design – it does not solve the problems for people, but it can facilitate a system of design and enable effective problem-solving, helping people become architects of their superior work design. Sara wants more than prevention; she strives for INVENTION. Design for what you want, your aspirations, not for what you do not want. “There is no monopoly on communication,” says Trajce – consultation is a significant part of design discovery (and a method to discharge obligations in work health and safety law). Trajce elaborates, “I see that work design is anticipatory, not just reactive.” “Bingo,” says Sara.