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S1-E9 The robots are taking over

Technology at work

A choodle or a poowawa? Hybrid dogs or hybrid work, it’s all up for laughs in Season 01 Episode 09! When we design good work it requires science, expertise, consultation, and engagement with subject matter experts, coupled with an inventive mind (which means a workplace that tolerances ‘fuzzy work’ where we can stumble to create anew). Sara proposes the role of a Chief Work Design Strategist as a ‘must have’ on the C-Suite executive teams, coupled with the organ grinder and the tambourines, to help navigate a changing world of work. As work automates, humans are not replaced, but their work changes and becomes more cognitively demanding – how will we help the humans make the very best decisions?

For a link to more information on Wi-Fi 6 in the Sunshine Coast and their coast-to-coast cabling network to USA and Japan, contact the Investment Lead at Invest Sunshine Coast.

For information on the QLD technology hub initiatives, see these links: QLD XR Hub and QLD AI Hub.