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S3-E12: Duck and cover, go low!

Season 03 Episode 12: “To PPE or not to PPE?” asks Sara. No matter the philosophy driving work practice, a business is always tested at the pointy end of the law when the boundaries of work, health, and safety are pushed. The team debate the mandates for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Sara … Read more

S3-E11: A case of the missing Brussels sprouts

WARNING: This episode discusses a fatality. The team lament the phenomenon of media reporting in an article about the public strain caused by grocery delivery delays. The cause of the delays was a fatality in a national grocer’s distribution and warehouse centre. “It’s not about the Brussels sprouts,” says Alan. Trajce is infuriated, “What about … Read more

S3-E10: The triad of power, knowledge, and truth

WARNING: confronting content is discussed in this episode. “The triad of power, knowledge, and truth espoused by a politician, medical specialist, or famous person reflects a privileged position,” explains Trajce, “and it is most alarming when these people leverage these attributes to achieve their nefarious deeds.” He explains his angst that the 1943 ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy … Read more

S3-E9: A pervasive culture of masculinity

Season 03 Episode 09: “Men can be challenged by their role expectations in society,” Alan reasons. Sara asks the boys to define ‘precarious manhood.’ She presents the idea of a pervasive culture of masculinity, in sport, at work, and in relationships. “The idea of ‘bigger, better, and rougher’ can be aspirational,” Trajce presents. Sara argues … Read more

S3-E8: Is bigger better: What is the size of your truck?

Season 03 Episode 08: The boys query the symbolism of the size of the truck. “The bigger the truck, the smaller the…” muses Sara. “Supersize me! Raptor, Ram,” Trajce rolls the names across his tongue with a guttural snarl. A truck and its accessories are one’s identity, a sign of masculinity, and status for some … Read more

S3-E7: Intentional design & submersibles

WARNING: Fatalities are discussed in this episode. “I didn’t really read the article, I just looked at the pictures,” admits Trajce. Alan and Sara burst into fits of laughter while Sara admits that she reads the comics before the news. Sara recounts a tale of tennis players who recall the play-by-play points of their matches, … Read more

S3-E6: Cha-cha-cha thrill rides

WARNING: Fatalities are discussed in this episode. Trajce regales the story of the octopus ride at the amusement park: its carriage uncoupled from the main support arm and slid down side show alley. “Are you serious?” asks Sara, “That is out of a movie.” “A guilty plea, mea culpa,” says Trajce. “You know what was … Read more

S3-E5: Whakaari – the smouldering dragon

WARNING – fatalities are discussed. Alan explains the current court case concerning the Whakaari / White Island volcano and discusses thrill-based recreational activities that can subject tourists to catastrophic events. “The island was smouldering like a magic dragon,” Sara elaborates. “I’ve been there!” exclaims Trajce. Trajce recounts his motivation to visit Whakaari by chartered helicopter … Read more

S3-E4: Nurses – the heartbeat of healthcare

Season 03 Episode 04: We ask: “Who is at the heartbeat of your organisation?” In healthcare, that is often the nurse. Alan, Trajce, and Sara review complaints that were made by nursing staff to the regulator when hospital management announced their fitout of a nurses’ station that would remove a counter barrier. “It must be … Read more

S3-E3: WhyWHAT? Reflections: Farmer Owl-in, DJ Deer, and Magic Otter

Season 03 Episode 03 Reflects on Alan, Sara, and Trajce’s early, childhood career interests and extends the Season 02 discussions on getting along with our colleagues. “Work is work.” says Trajce, “but within that work construct… we must essentially get along.” Alan contends that respect must be upheld in social relations at work, whether you … Read more

S3-E2: WhyWHAT? Reflections: Disassociated from reality

Season 03 Episode 02 reflects on vicarious trauma in the workplace. Alan recaps on mental health first aid programming and the boundaries around that service scope requiring effective referrals to qualified and trained healthcare professionals. When the crew consider their work from home ideals, Sara dreams of her backyard spa, sauna, and wet kitchen for … Read more