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S3-E10: The triad of power, knowledge, and truth

WARNING: confronting content is discussed in this episode.

“The triad of power, knowledge, and truth espoused by a politician, medical specialist, or famous person reflects a privileged position,” explains Trajce, “and it is most alarming when these people leverage these attributes to achieve their nefarious deeds.” He explains his angst that the 1943 ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a Theory of Motivation’ negates the discussion on sex as a motivator for action, yet it is primal, fundamental, and likely a behavioural driver influencing many activities. “Those in the most elite positions find that their poor behaviour is permissible,” says Sara, “In human factors, we appreciate that there are biological and cultural drivers that propel us toward sex.” Alan argues that the desire to dominate others feeds into these ideas, as seen in the phenomenon of precarious masculinity, a reaction of aggression if an idea of manhood is threatened.

Trajce explains caselaw when there are transgressions that are sexual in nature in a privileged workplace by those who are in a position of power. Sara reflects on the ‘God complex’ and how workplace culture can reinforce ideas through confirmation bias.

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