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S3-E12: Duck and cover, go low!

Season 03 Episode 12: “To PPE or not to PPE?” asks Sara. No matter the philosophy driving work practice, a business is always tested at the pointy end of the law when the boundaries of work, health, and safety are pushed. The team debate the mandates for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Sara and Alan argue the logic of context and circumstance driving the consideration. Trajce assumes the role of the zealous prosecutor and exclaims that if the sign instructs wear of PPE, one must comply. “Do you always follow the rules, Trajce, just because they are written?” she teases, and concedes that she is not one to often follow the rules because she hardly trusts most of the thought processes of the people that engineered the rules – she challenges everything (almost)! Alan laments the use of hardhats when nothing is likely to fall from the sky, and Trajce explains a case in which obesity saved a man’s life in absence of the correct PPE. The team carry the conversation into the milieu of the home office environment. “Do you have a fire extinguisher and blanket at home?” Sara asks, “Duck and dive, go low,” says Trajce, equipped with such home office provisions. Sara admits that she is more familiar with the Dodgeball movie mantra to “Dodge, duck, dive, dip, and dodge!”

Thank you for proposing this topic, Dr Elise Crawford of CQUniversity.