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S04-E12: Never smile at a crocodile

WARNING: This episode discusses workplace injury

“Never smile at a crocodile,” chimes Alan. This episode speaks on working with critters; the first, a case of two soldiers attacked by a crocodile in Far North Queensland. Comcare charged the Australian Department of Defense for breaching federal work and safety laws for failing to maintain a safe system of work, training, and policy implementation. “You’ve obviously seen an alligator or two in your travels across America, Sara,” Trajce suggests. The boys start chest-thumping their machismo argument that the salty crocodile of Australia is bigger and tougher than the American alligator counterpart, “A nibbler,” admonishes Trajce, “I’d like to see them arm wrestle and see who rolls better.”

The team continue to debate on work, tourism, and the intersection of animals that bite. “What is just good lawyering versus rational judgments?” Sara demands answers. Alan returns to the to the case discussed in Season 02 and Episode 07: Men and Women 2: Nightstalker Fright Night and recent judgments, and Sara explains real-world creative design strategies that leverage human nature and accommodate commercial toileting habits.