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WhyNOT? A Wisdom Shot: Work-from-anywhere, anytime, anyplace, by anyone

WhyNOT Wisdom Shot: Work-from-anywhere in all settings. This kernel of wisdom reminds listeners that anywhere, anytime, anyhow work happens with anyone involved, the unexpected could happen. The boundaries get bigger, but work design must be considered. This is an extension of Season 02 Episode 02: It’s Hollywood, and it’s a gas. BONUS: WhyNOT: A Wisdom … Read more

WhyNOT? A Wisdom Shot: Work design in all manner of workplaces

This WhyNOT kernel of wisdom reminds us that workplace law prevails in all manners of workplaces, including brothels, from Season 02 Episode 05: It’s Cougar Time and Season 02 Episode 06: Mi Casa es su Casa. “We cannot shy away from the difficult or discomfiting topics,” Alan reminds us. BONUS: WhyNOT: A Wisdom Shot: Work … Read more

WhyNOT? A Wisdom Shot: Stop hazard chasing and contextualise work strategy

WhyNOT – This Wisdom Shot begs operational managers to contextualise work strategies and ensure that they are not hazard hunting – identifying psychosocial hazards without understanding the vulnerable population and the context of work. This extends Season 02 Episode 13: An upstanding citizen with salmon in his pocket. BONUS: WhyNOT: A Wisdom Shot: Stop hazard … Read more