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S04-E13: The Count von Count and his cape

The team discuss the casualised work phenomenon introduced in a rampant way during the pandemic, causing the management of distributed work and the advent of remote video call meetings. Trajce discloses one of his secret nicknames, The Count von Count from Sesame Street, which is met by Alan and Sara’s appreciative laughter now that the team cannot unsee Trajce as The Count.

Sara shares a junk food gem, passed to her by a past workmate and friend, Dr Brent Oldenburg, the chocolate M&M covered movie popcorn!

Alan discusses the confrontation, the unfriendly and alarming case of arrest, and the strength of force that can be shown by police during their arrests of crime suspects – “a dangerous scenario for all involved,” explains Alan. He tells a story of the arrest of a sole parent in front of her child after her failure to pay for petrol. “Haven’t we all done that or nearly done that?” asks Sara.

In this episode, a special visit is made by loyal subscriber, Carmen Mitchell, as she delivers her magic artwork charcoal and white pen drawings of the Stag, the Owl, and the Rascal (Otter), to celebrate the team’s spirit animals, discussed in Season 02 Episode 14: Spirit Animals.