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S04-E11: The things we do for fun

WARNING: This episode discusses fatalities

Alan reflects on the prosecutions and pending coronial inquest on the fatalities of the six Tasmanian children with three more children injured while playing in jumping castles during their school fair. “The judgement on the facts is pending,” Alan explained, “and there are no industrial manslaughter judgements in Tasmania.” The team grapples with the loss of innocent lives and the relaxed approaches and openness to risk when we embrace recreational fun and play activities versus work. “You are ready to have fun, you are expecting to have fun, and you are not expecting to die,” Trajce explicates, “crocodiles attack people, islands erupt, and jumping castles fly away.” The team reference the Queensland Amusement Devices Code of Practice 2023.

Sara shifts the discussion on workplace protections to people and culture and design by introducing the ‘9 Levels on Human Readiness’ to adopt new technologies and to manage the process of transformation in a business. “These considerations provide rationale, yet again, on the need for human factors professionals to be embedded in organisations and organisational strategy.” Sara implores, “because technology adoption and the management of transformation are essential organisational needs.”