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S04-E10: Prosecuting ‘nicely’

WARNING: Suicide is discussed in this episode.

Alan introduces a model of prosecution adopted by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator that provides guidance to industry and focuses on the most important prosecutorial issues. Alan and Trajce dream of dismantling ideological boundaries so that business and industry can return to the fundamental questions on, “What is our purpose?” In this way, creative solutions can be found to solve age-old problems. Sara is excited by what she sees is the favourable view of design in this light and her influence on the way that the boys think. She reiterates her desire to advance three pillars in work design: workplace protections, people and culture, and design (For more on this, watch Sara’s presentation at HFESA 2023)

“Hey mum, hey dad,” sidles Trajce, “are we becoming though leaders?” Sara exclaims, “I’m just an agitator, a rabble-rouser, I am never satisfied!” while Alan heartedly agrees with her proclamation. “If we raise thought-provoking material, and we are given the reactions of our listeners,” says Trajce, “you are the ‘agent provocateur’.”

Thank you to subscriber colleague, Craig, for raising considerations in the Rail Industry, and government control on capital expenditures as a contributor to safe design, with subsequent responsibilities on that design impact with causational chain of responsibility.