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S04-E09: To work or not to work in the face of danger

CAUTION: This episode speaks on near miss harm of a child.

This episode speaks on the first pillar of work design, workplace protections, and the sociopolitical influences of worker empowerment. Thank you to subscriber, David Denoux, who shared his story on construction work and safety concerns.

“If something goes wrong, terribly wrong, it will change your life,” warns Alan, “just say ‘no’ and walk away.” Sara reminds Alan and Trajce that sometimes a worker may not feel empowered or privileged to walk away or to speak up, hinting at the second pillar in work design, people, and culture. Trajce empathises with the workers needing to put food on the table, and those who do not know how to contact the regulator to report on concerns. The reflections mirror some of the concerns raised in Season 04 Episode 08: The archaic adage of deserving a good spanking.

Sara introduces a third pillar of work design, ‘design’, and speaks on good work design versus designing good work, the accidental designer versus the intentional designer. The team pay tribute to the WhyWork Podcast’s principal sponsor, ViVA health at work, and the design movers and shakers that influence our work: Katre Bailey, graphic design of 45 Degrees Studio; Michael Grima, industrial design of qDesign; David Denoux, a user-experience and service designer; Tyde Rabbit, video production; and David Hall, the remarkable dance-party purveyor of fun, and Melbourne’s Guru Dudu Disko Duk Duk.