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S04-E08: The archaic adage of deserving a good spanking

Season 04 Episode 08: This episode covers two main topics. The first, thanks to our subscriber Andrew Nicholls, a design and technology teacher and researcher, who informed us of his work to advocate for the provision of personal protective equipment to technology and design staff, or any working party who needs it, by the schools. Alan reminds us of the case against a university because of levies charged to nursing students for their fit testing of respiratory protective equipment before they undertook their hospital placements. Trajce sites Section 273 of the Australian Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Person not to levy workers) arguing that a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking ‘must not impose a levy or charge on a worker for anything done or provided,” he claims. He also sites Section 19, arguing that a workplace must care for ‘others.’ 

Second, the argument for care makes Alan come unstuck (as much as Alan ever comes undone), and Trajce and Sara are aghast as Alan explains the case he found in the Royal Australian Navy court martial records. The case involved a 57-year-old male supervising Lieutenant Commander and a 25-year-old female Junior Officer. While mentoring the junior, the improvement coaching involved an age-old punishment practice of spanking the junior. “Shut-up, stop-stop-stop!” Trajce and Sara protest. “This is a slippery slope,” Trajce reflects and concludes with “If this story gripped me, it would grip a nation.” This episode is a fascinating segue to Season 04 Episode 07: ‘Every Sunday I Eat A Pie’, Mate: The power intent of a hierarchy of controls.