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S04-E02: The WooFA Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) reality

Sara speaks about a WooFA (WFA) experience while walking her dog mid-work break when a bulldog muscled its way up a drive and launched into an attack on her dog. The boys, Alan and Trajce, discuss employer liabilities, and Sara reminds the boys that businesses like Joanna Clough’s, “The Dog Safe Workplace”, were established to help address and train businesses for these instances.

The reflections continue to cross over in healthcare and other WooFA (WFA) experiences. Sara regales a tale of her presentation of neurological symptoms that caused her emergency room admission during a workday. The flaws in the healthcare system were evident and the patient experience was a struggle, even for an assertive self-advocate, like Sara. “A good person will fail in a bad system,” Sara recounts the quote attribute to W. Edwards Demming. While the governors and managers of healthcare systems must make improvements, these instances also mirror the employer’s needs to ensure that they navigate the complexities of emergency management in distributed, WooFA (WFA) work situations.

This episode marries well with Season 01 Episode 03: Pets and airfryers.